Floridians engage in a virtual climate strike, create a mosaic image of the state’s future under climate change.

In observance of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, thousands across Florida participate in an online climate strike by sharing “Climate Selfies” that make up a larger image of Florida impacted by climate change.

Miami, and across Florida: 

 April 22, marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and the beginning of three days of global action to address the climate crisis. Organizers from environmental groups all around the state had planned for several days of demonstrations and climate strikes around the state. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the need to practice social distancing, organizers have shifted to online actions to spread their message about climate change. 

Instead of gathering in public places, climate activists participated in today’s remote strike by taking selfies of themselves holding up their homemade signs they would have brought to an in-person rally.  Some signs read, “Together fighting the pandemic and the climate crisis” and “System Change Not Climate Change” and many of the strikers wore their coronavirus face covering.

Event organizers then used these individual photos to create a digital mosaic of the state of Florida and how it will be impacted by climate change. 


Organizers planed on two additional days of climate actions this week, with Thursday focused on a national divestment from fossil fuels, and a demand that fossil fuels companies be excluded from future stimulus packages, and Friday focused on the electing climate leaders in this year’s elections. Each day will have its  own photo mosaic image designed from the same climate selfies. 

Organizing Coalition Groups: 350 South Florida, Elders Climate Action, Sierra Club, CLEO, GenCLEO, Tampa Bay Climate Alliance, Our Climate, Citizens’ Climate Lobby Palm Beaches, Citizens' Climate Education, Climate Reality Project-Boca Raton, Broward County PCF Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida, Food and Water Watch, Broward Climate Organization, Broward Climate alliance, Engage Miami, Environment Florida, Miami Climate Alliance, NextGen, Sunrise Movement, ReThink Energy Florida.



No Fossil Fuel Bailout!🔥🔥🔥
Earth Day2!🌎🌎
Over 200 Floridians came together and sent their climate selfies in the past few weeks!📸
Floridians are showing solidarity to climate action! And demanding we no longer allow major Multinational fossil Fuel Corporations PROFIT OVER OUR FUTURE!!!💪🏼💪🏼
To stop GHG emissions we need to stop burning fossil fuels!🛢🛢🛢
To stop fossil fuels we need to FOLLOW THE MONEY! 💸💸💸
We can no longer afford to invest in the destruction of our planet!!🌍🌍🌍


As part of Day 3 from EarthDay today the theme is "Political Actions"
Floridians came together sent their climate selfies with climate messages (find yourself in the collage!) to show they want a TRUE CLIMATE LEADER!!
This November is crucial in saving our planet and saving our environment! We need a leader that will join the Paris Agreement and be an example of climate leadership! We need to undo all of the environmental setbacks that Trump has rolled back that are polluting our air and water as we speak!!
We need to place environmental justice at the forefront of our priorities!


Thank you to all who participated in this historic action that brought together activists from all across Florida in solidarity to climate action despite the circumstances. Thank you all, togetehr we rise!